Holistic massages

Treat yourself with a professional massage

Massage is a time reserved to ourselves, to the care of our body and spirit.

The holistic massage takes care of the mind-body relationship. It is aiming to relieve muscle tension and emotional stress accumulated in the tissues. A few steps from the sea, after sports or a day at the beach, before dinner or after breakfast … When you feel the need, we offer gentle cuddles for your body. Massages and beauty treatments help you regain the right balance, health and well-being, reviving your own inner energy.

The HOLISTIC MASSAGE is a combination of powerful techniques of body work. The touch of expert hands with the use of aromatic essential oils will help to release tension and physical, mental and emotional blocks, and to reach that deep state of relaxation that is the basis for self-healing and good health. The holistic massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, it works on muscle and joint tension, in particular of the spine and joints; it improves the relationship with our body. Ideal for those who make physical activity.